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Custom Gobos & Branding

Earth Water Sky specializes in high-impact branding solutions for Corporate Events and Promotional Events.

Offering a wide range of Custom Traditional Gobo, and Video Digital Gobo options, we can deliver spectacular eye catching results at a fraction of the price of traditional banners. Also offering a wide range of moving lights, we are able to put your Logo or Branding in motion across a ceiling, floor, or walls.

Whether you are needing a Custom Steel Gobo of a simple Corporate Logo, or a Multi Color Glass Gobo with photographic detail and clarity, we work directly with each client to create custom designs that deliver the desired effect at the best price and value.

Also offering large format Video Digital Gobos, we can create a custom projected image of any Logo or Branding combined with the power of full motion video to create a truly dazzling effect. (Video Projection, LCD Displays, and Large-Format LCD Video Wall and LED Display options available)

Specializing in:
Gobo Design, Custom Steel Gobos, Custom Black and White Glass Gobos, Custom Color Glass Gobos' Static or Moving Lights, Video Digital Gobos, LCD and Plasma Displays, LCD and Plasma Video Walls, Custom Video Content Creation to fit the theme of any event.

Call us today@ (702) 439-2768 for a free consultation and pricing